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Windows and Doors With a Warranty Available in Edmonton

Supreme Windows & Doors takes great pride in its excellent craftsmanship and top-quality products. We stand by our services and products and offer you warranty on all our products. We have different warranties for doors and windows. You can also call us or write to us to know more.


Warranty on Windows

Our windows come with a warranty on:


The vinyl frame and sash components
The sealed glass unit against seal failure
All window hardware

We also offer a fully transferable warranty to the next property owner under the same original terms. You wouldn’t get a better deal than this. So, do not wait; contact us and get the best possible solutions for your residential and industrial properties.

Warranty on Doors

Supreme Windows & Doors offer a ten (10) year warranty on both steel insulated doors and fibreglass doors. The warranty is effective from the date of manufacture against any defects under normal conditions.

PVC Window Warranty 

Warranty is on windows and applicable components of ComfortPlus 500, ComfortPlus 1200 systems manufactured by Supreme Windows & Doors LTD. 

Factory White Frames are warranted against excessive fading for a period of 25 years. “Excessive Fading” defined as: If the total colour difference of the installed profile falls 50% below original value, there is excessive fading. This does NOT cover normal wear and tear of any profile that has been damaged after install is complete or product picked up from our facility for supply only jobs.
Sealed units are warranted against “Failure” for a period of 10 years. If a Supreme authorized installer was used, the labour to change failed units is covered 100% within City limits. Mileage applies for outlying areas. Units Failing outside the 10 years, will be replaced at 50% of retail rates to complete the change. Mileage also applies.
“Seal Failure” is defined as: Moisture appearing inside the sealed unit indicating the seal had become defective. This does NOT include moisture building up inside the home, NOR does it include moisture building up on the outside pane of the window.
Moisture build-up inside the home is a clear indication of excess humidity, and/or lack of airflow, and must be remedied as such. Moisture build-up on the exterior of the window is caused by high humidity outside the home.
Any/all cracked or shattered glass is not covered under this warranty. Aftermarket films applied to our sealed units should carry their own warranty, as they will immediately VOID this one.
Cosmetic defects and imperfections in the glass are warranted only if they meet Canadian General Standards for unacceptable.
Operating Hardware is warranted against failure for a period of 10 years. This shall cover cam locks, multipoint locks, casement/awning operators and any/all applicable support parts. If a Supreme authorized installer was used, the labour to change failed hardware is covered 100% within city limits. Mileage applies to outlying areas. Hardware found failed due to abuse will not be covered under this warranty.
Wear parts including seals, glides, rollers, interlocking devices etc., will not be covered under this warranty as their life span entirely depends on use. Issues with these parts would be considered normal wear and tear, and repairs will be contracted on a case-by-case basis.
Warranty is only applicable to products paid in FULL. Claims made before this will not be accepted.
Warranty period starts from the date Invoice is paid in Full. This warranty is NON-transferable between parties.
Claims must be submitted with a copy of this form and a copy of the paid invoice.
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