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Premium-quality Slider Windows for Your Edmonton Home

Are you planning to buy top-quality slider windows for your Edmonton home? Choose Supreme Windows & Doors for great service and quality products. We provide the residents of Edmonton with premium slider windows that offer a lifetime of beauty and comfort. We manufacture the windows and hence, all our windows can be custom-ordered to the exact size and style you need. And there is more; these windows are energy-efficient, durable and resistant to the variety of elements we experience in Edmonton.


Slider and Single Hung Windows

Supreme Windows & Doors has been the leader in providing slider windows for Edmonton for years. Our horizontal slider windows open with the sash sliding left or right that allows for ease of use. Horizontal sliding windows make for an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios as they slide open without protruding. In a single slider, one sash slides to open. You can also choose single hung windows for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios. Since the top sash is fixed, they open without protruding.

Comfort Plus Window Systems – 500 Series PVC Slider Window

The 500 Series window is one of our best-selling products and delivers year-round performance and comfort!

Horizontal slider
Vertical slider
Multiple configurations
Exceptional energy efficiency
Exceptional performance
Exceptional value
Exceptional durability

Available Options

In addition to delivering high performance, the Comfort Plus+ Slider System offers you the ability to personalize your windows with a complete line of performance and aesthetic enhancing options to suit your style and tastes.

High performance glazing options
Enhance the performance of the Comfort Plus+ Slider System with various types of Low-E glass to suit your performance requirements.
Exterior finishing options

Various exterior finishing profiles can be added to your window for ease of installation and personalizing the exterior appearance of your windows.

Interior finishing options
Various interior finishing options allow you to customize the interior of your window to suit any wall thicknesses.
Grill / Muntin Bar options
Ask us about our many available grill styles to dress-up your windows and your home.

Let the Benefits of the Comfort Plus+ Slider Add up to Exceptional Performance for You! 

Features delivering exceptional wind and water resistance 

Fusion welded sash and frame corners for permanent, weather-tight performance
Double weather strip system around sliding sash for enhanced weather tight performance and reduced air infiltration
Sloped drainage at sill for excellent drainage performance

Features delivering exceptional insulating performance 

Multi-chamber design that buffers interior and exterior temperatures
Double weather stripped interlock design for superior sealing performance
Tall double wall glazing towers for greater insulating value and reduced condensation

Added features of the Comfort Plus+ Slider System 

Wide exterior profile for balanced appearance and added frame strength
Inside glazing stops for clean exterior appearance and easy service
Double walls and screw ports for sturdy hardware attachment


The Comfort Plus system for casement and awning conforms to standard.
Air tightness - A3
Water resistance - B4
Wind road resistance - C5
Forced entry - Grade 40

Get Your Chosen Windows Installed Today

At Supreme Windows & Doors, we believe people deserve slider windows from the most qualified contractor available and one who has the appropriate credentials. All of our installers are approved contractors with a wealth of experience. Reach out to us to get the installation done today.


Let’s Renovate

Casement windows are the right blend of modern beauty and airtight seal; use them for super ventilation in your house.

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