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Vinyl and Aluminum Patio Doors in Edmonton

Our high-quality patio doors made in Edmonton are attractive, affordable and will stand up to the variable and sometimes harsh climate of Alberta. Supreme Windows & Doors is a proud manufacturer of the vinyl and aluminum patio doors in Edmonton. Here’s why you should have them installed in your home:


Our patio doors are triple weather-sealed to keep out the elements
Low-E Glass with Argon fill comes standard
Triple Glazing and Internal Blinds available on request
The patio doors will help you save on energy costs while offering butter-smooth operation and solid security
We offer options such as decorative grills, a key‐operated lock, foot locks and much more

Brighten Up Your Home

If you are looking for an affordable way to give your house a makeover, there is nothing better than a patio door. You can replace the outdated glass sliding back door with one of our beautiful patio doors available in a variety of styles. We have the most affordable and top-quality patio doors in Edmonton. 

Patio doors are perfect to complement your home’s unique character and design. You can create any style you want with the number of options available with us. A door is so much more than just an entrance or exit door, it is a beautiful view of your world. We promise you doors that are dependable, secure, beautiful, highly durable and low maintenance.

Garden Doors vs Sliding Doors

The warm summer months are a delight, especially when you can enjoy them in the outdoor space of your home. Choosing the right door for that outdoor space will only add comfort and style to your overall enjoyment. Both garden and sliding doors are very popular choices. And each option comes with its own set of pros and cons. We are here to make that decision easy for you. 

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors slide open and close on a track, and provide your home with plenty of light. They are often available in either standard or heavy-duty options. They are also available in a variety of colours. Let us quickly glance at the pros of sliding doors here.



Perfect option for smaller homes as they do not take up any interior space
Best suited for modern-themed designs
Easy to operate
Allow for more light
Offer a comprehensive view of your patio or garden
Low maintenance

Garden Doors

Garden doors open and close on hinges and have a classic appeal. This is why they have been a popular choice for years. The pros of garden doors are listed here.



Hold the potential to dramatically enhance the appearance of your home
Come in many different styles and finishes to suit your unique needs
The sill that is provided in place of the track reduces the risk of tripping
Rust and corrosion-resistant
Highly efficient when compared to a sliding door
100% maintenance free when paired with fibreglass slabs and composite framing
Extremely secure without swing frame and sash locks standard

Why Choose Us

Supreme Windows & Doors is the most reliable option for you in Edmonton when it comes to durable and long-lasting doors and windows. When you choose us, you get:


Different styles and colour options
Triple weather-sealed technology
Vinyl wall thickness fully welded panels and frames
Doors manufactured from durable vinyl
Long-lasting doors that won’t rot, pit or blister even after extended periods
And much more

We understand the efforts and planning that goes into renovating or constructing a house. Therefore, we make sure that you only get the best products for your house. We do not compromise on quality and believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Please call us or write to us to know anything about our patio doors; we will be happy to help you.

Sliding Patio Door Series

Sliding patio door series open and close on hinges and have a classic appeal. This is why they have been a popular choice for years. The advantages of sliding patio doors include:

Superior vinyl
Freedom from wear
Heat /cold resistance
Highest consumer satisfaction

The Sliding Patio Door Performance Series is manufactured from the most advanced vinyl.

A high-grade resin recipe unmatched for strength and freedom from wear. Offering beauty and performance, it will not rot, rust, pit or blister over long periods of time.

Our multi-chambered, all-vinyl frame is durable and easy to install. Maximized strength withstands high winds and provides superior air tightness.

Patio Doors are available with the highest quality accessories and upgrades including security, colour and finishing options.

Our goal:

Provide the highest possible level of buyer satisfaction!

Standard Hardware Elite handles come as the standard door hardware. Available in white or black. 

Optional Frame & Sash 

1¼”, 2”, or 3⅜” frame extensions
4½” sill plate
Brick mould
Sill extensions

Optional Sidelites and Transoms

Frame your patio door in outdoor light with a transom or sidelite. The frame is made of PVC, virtually maintenance-free and available in a wide selection of finishes and glass types.


Enhancing the outstanding thermal efficiency is the 1” high-performance glazing found in Low-E glass and Super Spacer® technology.

Vinyl Frame

5⅞“mechanically fastened vinyl frame
Components easily installed and replaceable
3 weather seals
Anodized screen track/stainless steel roller track
8 degree sill slope for optimal drainage

Durable Sash

Reinforced with steel to withstand high wind loads
Double perimeter seal for superior air-tightness
Doors are easily and completely reversible
Adjustable tandem ball-bearing rollers
1” sealed units for optimal thermal performance

Hardware & Chass Options

Optional Hardware

Optional stylish and contemporary handle sets with either single or twin-point locking systems in black, white, or satin nickel.

These unique handle sets can be configured with heavy duty multi-point key locks.

Optional Security Locks 

Two Position Kick Locks mount on the bottom of the operating door. Used as secondary lock. Available in white, beige or brown.
Guardian Locks mount on the top of the operating door; security bolt locks into the frame. Available in white, beige or brown.
Folding Security Bars mount on the fixed side of the door frame and swing down to stop the door from operating.

Optional Internal Mini-Blinds

Fingertip operation
No external cords
No dusting
Low-E glass
Only available for 59½ x 79½ and 71½ x 79½ doors

Maximum visibility to complete privacy at the tip of a finger. The lever raises, lowers or tilts the blinds sealed between the insulated glass to ensure a smooth maintenance-free operation.

Optional Exterior Colours

Sunview’s patio doors boast a wide range of exterior colour options that feature a durable finish that is also UV stable.

Optional Decorative Grills

Internal grills are available in a wide range of design styles with colours that include Flat Grills in two-tone, white, brass and pewter, Georgian Grills in white, and Pencil Grills in white, brass and pewter.

Open door

Industrial-grade Windows and Doors

Not only residential doors and windows, we also manufacture high-quality doors and windows for industrial use.

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