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Superior Quality Bow and Bay Windows in Edmonton

Supreme Windows & Doors offers superior quality bow and bay windows in Edmonton. The bay and bow windows are typically three or five separate windows that are joined together to form one large window. These are typically used in kitchens, master bedrooms, and living rooms. Bay and bow windows are decorative windows that project outward from the wall. Some benefits of these windows are:


They naturally increase ventilation, view and light while making the room feel larger
Available in custom styles and sizes
Designed to last longer with next to no condensation or drafts

Bay Windows

You can opt for bay windows to provide the perfect intimate setting to your house. They complement any interior and are therefore a great choice. Bay windows are beneficial in the following ways:


Add shelf space to kitchen
Luxury item for that dream kitchen
They improve the resale value of your property

Supreme Windows & Doors provides you with bay windows that provide the illusion of a larger room. They allow a lot of sunlight into the room and offer landscape views of the outside that would be unavailable with an ordinary window.

Bow Windows

Both bay and bow windows offer the illusion of a bigger space. The only difference between the two is that a bow window is a rounded 5-section window. It projects from a wall in the shape of a bow and is designed to create space by projecting beyond the exterior wall of a building. Thus, it offers a wider view of the outside. A bow window typically combines 5 windows, which join together to form an arch.


If you want to install a new bow window in your house, call Supreme Windows & Doors in Edmonton. The increase in lighting and breeze will be a welcome surprise that you'll grow accustomed to. Just like bay windows, bow windows are equally beneficial in improving the view of your yard and neighbourhood while increasing the value of your home.


A Lifetime of Comfort

If you are looking for something that will enhance the comfort and beauty of your house without much effort, slider windows are for you!

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