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Installation FAQs About Doors and Windows

Supreme Windows & Doors is happy to provide you with a preselected list of skilled contractors for installation. Review some of our commonly asked questions below. Still have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

  • Do I Need to Prepare My Home Before an Installation Appointment?
    There are a few prerequisites you need to take care of before the process begins. These are: The installers would need access to the interior of the house, make arrangements. Ensure that your driveway is clear so that work vehicles can be parked closer to your house Ensure to clear the paths to each window that is to be replaced Move furniture away from the windows and remove pictures from walls nearby Remove blinds, shades, drapes, etc. All security alarms should be turned off Secure pets as entranceways will be opened frequently
  • What Condition of the House Can I Expect After the Installation Is Complete?
    We believe in performing a thorough job. You should expect runners and drop cloths to be installed to protect the floor and keep debris to a minimum. Installers leave your space as clean as it was before the installation process. Do not worry about any leftover material; our installers will clean it up. You may have to do a light dusting when your job is complete. Some installs require stucco to be cut; these installs will create more dust than others.
  • How Much Time Does It Take for an Installation Job to Be Completed?
    Project size plays a major role in determining the timeline. Usually, it takes a day or two to complete an installation but it may vary depending on the number of windows or doors to be installed. Our team will give you a precise estimate of time and budget before starting the process.
  • Can You Provide Installation Services in Winter?
    Installation services for windows and doors can be done year-round.
  • Should I Be Present On-site Throughout the Installation Process?
    Our installation team would need access to the interior of your house. So, it is important that somebody is present at the time of the installation. This will also help you ensure that the installation is done according to your preferences and there is someone available to help the installers in case they have any queries.
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