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Sungate and Solarban Coatings for Windows in Edmonton

Supreme Windows & Doors has partnered with Vitro to offer you solar control low-E glass that reduces the amount of heat getting absorbed into a home during the day. This specific attribute makes this glass an ideal choice for moderate to warm (or cooling-dominated) climates. Contact us for Sungate coatings for windows in Edmonton.


Passive Low-E Coating

Solar heat gain is common in cooling-dominated climates. In such places, the windows transmit solar heat energy to the interior of the home, making the interiors of your home warm. This phenomenon takes place only during the daytime, making the interior home temperatures rise.

Benefits of Passive Low-E Glass Windows

Supreme Windows is proud to offer a high-performance passive Low-E glass solution. This coating will help maintain a higher solar heat gain co-efficient which means that more solar energy is transmitted through the glass, helping to heat your home.


Significantly reduce the amount of heat lost through your windows
Help save on your heating energy costs
Provide higher SHGC numbers which means more natural energy in the winter to reduce heating costs
Highly transparent, providing an aesthetically pleasing interior/exterior appearance similar to clear glass
Block damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays to help protect your fabrics, furniture and carpets from fading

Difference Between Sungate 400 and Solarban 60

Both Sungate 400 and Solarban 60 are high-performance low-E glass solutions but both work on different principles. Some of the differences are as follows:


Sungate 400 works by allowing solar heat in the house during the day and retaining it inside during the night while Solarban 60 bans entry and escape of heat
Sungate 400 is suited for heating-dominated climates while Solarban 60 helps in reducing solar heat gain where air conditioning costs are high
Sungate 400 is ideal for north-facing windows while Solarban 60 is perfect for south-facing windows
In Sungate 400, hard coat low-E is applied by a magnetic sputtered vacuum process while in Sunban 60, true soft cut low-E is applied by means of the magnetic sputtered vacuum deposition process

For more information, feel free to reach out to us.

Solarban 60 Solar Control Low-E Glass

Aesthetic Description

Solarban® 60 solar control, low-e glass by Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) was engineered to control solar heat gain, which is essential to minimizing cooling costs. In a standard one-inch insulating glass unit (IGU), Solarban® 60 glass offers an exterior appearance similar to clear, uncoated glass.


With a very good Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.39, Solarban® 60 glass blocks 66 percent of the total solar energy while allowing 70 percent of the visible light to pass through. This combination produces an excellent Light to Solar Gain (LSG) ratio of 1.79, along with exceptional insulating performance, as evidenced by its 0.29 winter nighttime U-value.

Aesthetic Options

Solarban® 60 glass can be coated on Starphire® glass and paired with Starphire® glass to produce an IGU with exceptional clarity and solar control characteristics. For even more colour and performance options, it can be coated on the second (#2) surface of nearly all Vitro’s wide range of tinted glasses. It also can be combined in an IGU with any Vitro tinted glass, Solarcool® reflective glass or Vistacool® subtly reflective, colour-enhanced glass (see performance data on back page).

Sungate® 400 Low-E Glass

Sungate® 400 is a passive low-e glass from Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) designed specifically for heating-dominated climates. Manufactured with a magnetron sputtered vaccum deposition (MSVD) “soft coat,” Sungate® 400 glass aids commercial buildings in retaining solar and furnace heat to help reduce winter heating costs. 

Aesthetic and Performance Options 

In addition to offering excellent insulating performance, Sungate® 400 glass has an exceptionally clear aesthetic. When coated on a standard clear glass substrate, Sungate® 400 glass has a Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) of 76 percent. On Starphire Ultra Clear® glass, VLT climbs to more than 80 percent. Sungate® 400 glass performs best as a passive low-e product when specified as a third-surface coating on Starphire® glass. In a one-inch insulating glass unit (IGU) with Starphire® glass, this configuration generates a winter U-value of 0.32 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.73, which is 15 percent better than the 0.63 SHGC attained with a similar Sungate® 400 unit with conventional clear glass in a third-surface configuration. Sungate® 400 glass also has been engineered to work with Solarban® 60 and 70XL glasses to optimize performance in triple-pane IGU’s.

Window with curtains

 Protect Your Family

We offer privacy coating for windows that help you protect your family from any prying eyes.

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