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Fibreglass and Steel Entry Doors in Edmonton

There is a huge variety of options available to homeowners when it comes to installing new doors. All of us want to look for an option that offers value. Both steel and fibreglass doors offer major advantages over wooden entry doors. Wooden doors are beautiful to look at but they need regular maintenance and lack the endurance, security and energy efficiency of fibreglass or steel. Supreme Windows & Doors offers both fibreglass and steel entry doors in Edmonton at affordable prices. Our employees are trained to offer you insights into choosing the best entry door system for your home. Contact us to choose the right option for your property. 

Not sure which one to choose when faced with the confusion of steel vs fibreglass? Read about them in detail below to make your choice easier.


Fibreglass Doors

Fibreglass doors are recommended for homes situated in harsh and humid climates. Some major advantages of fibreglass doors are:


They are true zero maintenance doors
They promise long-lasting performance
They have excellent durability and dent resistance
They provide heat insulation
They can be stained to resemble the grain of the wood
They are engineered to be highly energy efficient
They respond well to humidity and temperature change and prevent condensation
They are full height lock blocks with steel reinforcement
They are available in flush glazed designs

Steel Doors

Steel doors offer a tried-and-true design that is simple and cost-effective. These doors offer a variety of modern designs and are an ideal option for being lightweight. Advantages of steel doors are:


They are more affordable when compared to fibreglass
Premium steel doors have a durable coating that can withstand harsh climatic conditions
They offer significant long-term value

Both steel and fibreglass doors are great choices. You can choose either of the two depending on your needs, style and preferences. For any queries, feel free to reach out to us. We will be glad to help you.


 Add Beauty and Elegance

Nothing works better than decorative glass when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of a space.

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