We needed high quality windows and doors for our home. After getting estimates from all the big companies including ones that always leave fliers in the mailbox we determined that Nelson Lumber and Supreme Windows were the final 2 contenders. Nelson was a couple of hundred dollars cheaper but Supreme had a 2 week quicker turnaround than Nelson. Another factor that affected our decision is that you can walk into Supreme & Jamie will take you into the back and you can actually watch you windows being built. Now, about Jamie and customer service. After building a home and dealing with hundreds of contractors I promise you, Jamie will exceed all of your expectations and then some! You can send Jamie an email at 9 pm on a Saturday and get a response; no matter the time you can expect a fast response. Any defects were fixed as soon as I notified him. Both Supreme price and customer service are excellent and fast and I wouldn’t think twice before recommending them over other window manufacturers in Edmonton.